Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Mental illnesses for adjectives

The use of using mental illnesses as adjectives has become commonplace and normally I would write a post about how insensitive and inappropriate this is and knowing me launch into a long tangent probably using words like fucktards and shitheads. Nope instead I'm being helpful Charlotte and today I bring you Charlottes list of alternative words to use instead of using mental illnesses for adjectives...... and maybe a little ranting.

Depressed- ie "I've had such a bad day I'm soooooooooooooo depressed".
You are not 'depressed' after one bad day. Using this term trivialises what millions of people who suffer from depression go through every single day. Alternative words to use: sad, unhappy, miserable. Feeling a bit crappy.

OCD- "I'm so OCD"
Possibly my BIGGEST bugbear. You might be a little anal but you are not a little 'OCD'. In fact, if you were to say I'm a little bit obsessive compulsive disorder which is what OCD stands for then what you've just said makes NO SENSE. Alternative words to use: Tidy, clean, organised, NORMAL.

Anorexic- "she looks anorexic"
Unless you possess super powers that give you the ability to mind read then no it's never appropriate to say that someone 'looks anorexic' as anorexia is a disorder of the mind, mind as in brain, as in cant see whats going on in there, as in can't judge by someones appearance whether or not they're suffering from an eating disorder. Alternative words to use: thin, slender, lean, skinny or better yet avoid passing judgement on peoples appearance at all!

Psycho- "My boss/teacher/mum/friend etc... is such a psycho"
Psycho is short for psychopath, the definition being 'a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behaviour'. Just because someone is a little different to you or displays behaviour you don't understand or relate to that doesn't necessarily mean they're suffering from a mental illness and that definitely doesn't mean they deserve to be labelled violent. Alternative words to use: weird, kooky, eccentric, quirky, offbeat.

Schizophrenic/Schizo- "the weather's a bit schizo today/ she is so schizo"
So someone changes their mind a few times and suddenly you have the ability to diagnose them with a serious mental condition, well CONGRATULATIONS most people have to go through several years of medical school for that! Indecisive, erratic, unreliable, irregular.

If changing the colour of your hair and reminiscing over your previous colour met the diagnostic criteria for bipolar then I'm fairly sure the majority of people who dyed their hair would be diagnosed. Alternatively describing someone's mood as 'bipolar' because they're in a bad mood?  ie "she's so bipolar"  Yeah let Charlottes thesaurus for the emotionally stunted and insensitive help you out here.  Alternative words to use: grumpy, disgruntled, grouchy, irritable, touchy. But to be fair if you're going around using mental illnesses to describe peoples personalities then they've probably got perfectly good reason to be feeling slightly 'touchy'.

I'll be honest the post I originally wrote I am anxious about posting (chicken shit scared more like) so I am building up my nerve to post that next, after my more than mental illness post next week obviously. Feel free to give me a nudge and say hey Charlotte we won't judge you.... Anyway I hope you enjoyed this nonetheless!
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  1. That was best my two favorite have to be the anorexia and of course schizophrenic one haha.. people who don't suffer with mental d/o really don't get it at all, but I do love your alternatives..I will try and use them and probably fail!