Monday, 7 September 2015

The caged bird

There sits a little caged bird,
Weeping in his shell
Wonder what’s going through his mind,
Only he can tell?

His pale blue feathers ruffled,
But he really doesn’t care.
It doesn’t matter how he looks,
 For it is only he who’s there.

He tries to whistle to himself,
to make the time go by.
But the only sound that he can make,
is a strangled cry.

All you can do sit and watch,
as he wipes away the tears.
How can you appease his pain?
When he’s so wrapped up with fears.

His loneliness is heartbreaking,
and his fear he tries to hide.
He’s dying to talk to anyone,
But there’s no-one to confide.

There sits a little caged bird
Watching the world go by
You’ll never see a sadder sight,
as you watch this caged bird cry.

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  1. Hi Charlotte, great poem sweetie. Being normal is boring. you're right.

    1. Thank you very much I'm glad you like it x