Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The Princess Lily Fairytale

I'm sure you're all aware of my niece Lily. Today my beautiful eldest niece turns 6 and in celebration of her birthday I wanted to share with you something that I made for her 3rd birthday. It came about after she stayed at our house and went to the zoo to see the penguins (we'd been watching Pingu so this was the most exciting attraction), and I made up a song about it adding in different elements, including her dog Bruno and ending with our saying, I love you to the moon and back and her main present, a pink guitar. It was a labour of love as I designed it all myself using various apps on my phone and editing software on my computer.

I also wanted to share with you (as it's her 6th birthday) 6 funny and sweet memories I have and treasure with her
  • She writes me text messages like this 
  • Christmas day we were hanging out in the conservatory, it was just after my feet had died and unbeknownst to Lily I was lying down as I was having to wear a nappy due to being slightly incontinent at the time. Everyone else was in the living room but my little shadow was sat with me playing with her new toys, just chatting, having fun. She suddenly did a big sigh and said "I guess I'd better go and see the how the grown ups are" It's a good job I was already wearing a nappy as this REALLY made me laugh. Later on that day I'd been on the toilet for half an hour and suddenly a little voice appeared through the door "Aunty Charlotte you've been in there agggggggggggggges, how long are you going to be"....me crippled in agony " I don't know sweetie I'll try and be quick, I'll be out soon I promise".... Lily "OK I'll just wait here.... Jingle bells jingle bells..." and she proceeded to sit and sing Christmas songs for the rest of the time I was on the loo.
  • I've passed on my love of pugs to Lily and when the annual UKs pug club show came to my hometown as it does biannually I knew I had to take her, even a nasty cold wouldn't stop her from enjoying it. Now not only has Lily picked up on my love of pugs but she's also picked up on what I SAY about pugs and the first pug she came across and every one after, she said in the sweetest little voice "ohmygosh you're so cute and squashy I want to eat your face...." bear in mind these were owners who were waiting with their pugs to show them to the pug judge people.
  • When she was about 2/3 I decided it would be really funny to teach her some long words and famous phrases. I taught her discombobulated and she was such a bright little thing that she picked up what it meant and used it in the right context. I also taught her some cockney rhyming slang and a certain famous phrase from a famous Dickens book/film.

  • She loves me and thinks I'm a superstar. Back at you bugaboo:)
    • The day I introduced her to biscuit spread I dont think I've ever seen someone so happy and grateful in my entire life. She was dubious due to it looking remarkably like the contents of her newborn sisters nappy, but I said the magic words, trust me I'm Aunty Charlotte, and upon trying it I've never seen anyones face change so quickly in my life. "That is the bestest thing in the whole.world.ever. Can I have one more finger?" " yes Lily but just one as you've got dinner soon and you've got the biscuit spread porridge for breakfast tomorrow". She then proceeded to dip her finger in as far as she could and scooped up as much as she could, the most innocent little smile on her face as if to say, you did say I could have one more finger so technically I'm doing exactly as you said. Strangely the next morning when I went to make her porridge there was more Lily shaped finger holes in the jar....

    Lily, I love you more than words could ever say I've loved you from the moment I first laid eyes on you

    I love you when you knock on my wall through the night because you're too excited to sleep..... I love every little ringlet on your head. I love the way you love me, even though I'm not sure why you do, you love me even when I can't be the aunty you want and deserve. You have no preconceptions about me, you take me as I am. You are the first person who has ever looked at me, seen me with their eyes and said "you know what, youre pretty cool I like spending time with you". I hate that I can't do all the things that I dreamed of doing with you, teaching you to pirouette (it breaks my heart I can't dance with you) that I can't even go on a fairy walk with you anymore. You seem happy enough just snuggling up under my arm watching baby pugs on youtube but oh how I wish I could surprise you bu running out to meet you at the end of the drive. You are my diamond, my sunshine and I am so proud to be your Aunty Charlotte.

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    Nail of the day
    Well I couldn't dedicate a whole post to Lily and not do my nails too could I! I tried to incorporate things Lily and I enjoy together. Pugs, ballet shoes, Ariel and Mickey mouse.... I should have put a little bit of biscuit spread around Ariels mouth to finish it off...

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