Wednesday, 25 November 2015

My big fat A/W haul

I've got a bit of a different post for you today. I thought I'd share with you some things I've bought over the last few months, some for me, some for presents as you'll see below....

"I made my family disappear"
Having 2 nieces with birthdays in the run up to Christmas means having to be constantly thinking of ideas for presents. Something which I used to love but in recent years I just find extra hard thinking of ideas for anyone. However when I saw this book I knew it would be perfect for Lilys birthday. Both Lily and Chloe love the home alone films and this illustrated hardback book of the first home alone film came out the day before Lilys birthday so it seemed like serendipity.The illustrations are beautiful and it gives the story an innocence without taking away any of the charm that the original film we all know and love holds and I can't recommend it enough. 

Obligatory Pug shit
For someone who hates having a cluttered bed, I seem to have a lot of cushions, I currently have 8.... Even if they do tend to get thrown at my wall in frustration if they're getting in a muddle with my duvet. So why would I want anymore? It's not as if I don't have enough pug cushions, but name though.... Thoughts?
I've always felt that there was a pug shaped cushion hole in my life and that space has now been filled. He needs a

Beauty and makeup  
So my green started coming through and I decided to take the plunge and go a little bit darker in the hope it would stop the green coming through so quickly. Taking advantage of Superdrugs  2 for £12 plus 10% off hair dyes I got two of these hair dyes for just over £10. I have to get semi permanent as the chemicals in permanent bring out the green... Snot hair does not suit me....I've spoken before about my fear of the mirror and doing my makeup, can't polish a turd etc.... But I love wearing makeup and the fun of creating different looks and using different and new and exciting products. so I decide to be brave and bought some makeup. so far I'm at the stage of putting it on and it immediately coming off, but I'm hoping to make progress.

I'm particularly in love with these MUA lipglosses, I mean they're all metallic and shiny! And I've got a thing about eyeshadows, powder eyeshadows just don't work on my eyes! I try and try but my crease is so pronounced and hooded I can't do anything other than put it on my lid, and it pisses me off, no contouring, blending or fancy prettiness. Powder makes it extra hard to work with. It sounds stupid but years and years of crying have left my eyes a weird texture. so I'm trying to get to grips with powder but also I've been playing with creams and sticks which are easier to work with, just a shame there's such little choice. After struggling with my skin for all of this year due to a side effect of my medication, whilst it has been better than it had been, I wanted to try something new to really get it back to how it used to be ie, clear. This would involve me having to be vigilant in tackling the dermatillomania as no amount of skincare products will help if I'm constantly hacking at my skin. I've read good things about the la Roche posay effaclar range so as the 3 step anti blemish system was on offer (cleansing gel, toner, correct and hydrate cream) I decided to get it, its usually £32 but I got it for £24, they're full size products so overall they're not that expensive. I've been using them for a few weeks and they've really made a huge difference, I have absolutely no active blemishes left on my face, the scarring is fading. Whilst I hate using a gel cleanser, I much prefer using one with a cotton wool pad, I'm too lazy to have to use a wash off one every morning but I want my skin back so I've been a good girl and haven't skipped it. I would highly recommend these to anyone who has problem skin.
 Finally in keeping with the theme of skin, a while ago I bought some samples off of eBay of Mac foundations and promise myself I'd get myself some in my colour when my skin was perfect an I've found the right one but have a couple that are a bit too dark and it almost adds up to a whole bottle, and when I saw this advertise I thought it was a great idea, you add a couple of drops to any foundation and it lightens it, there's also a darkening version

I love lush, who doesn't? Except my mum (mum you're weird!). But I can't go in the shops as A they're not very wheelchair friendly, the ones near me are very compact and B the smells that I used to love assault the migrainous part of my brain:( there are certain smells that trigger migraines, lavender and certain floral scents being two and being overwhelmed by that is not ideal. However my all time favourite bath product is snow fairy which is only bought out at 'this time of year' and as last year I missed out as soon as it went on sale this year I ordered some...Plus some other goodies. Including this fairy dust, which is a dusting powder in the same scent as snow fairy meaning I'm basically going to look and smell like a fairy has shat on me, but I don't care, it's long overdue! I swatched it for you on my elephant tattoo so you can see my pink elephant looking even camper... In terms of bath bombs I got Candy mountain which again is the snow fairy scent, shoot for the stars, mmmelting marshmallow moment and milky bath.
I also bought an ickle baby bot bath bomb for Lily for her birthday because I thought she'd really enjoy it (I forgot to take a photo before wrapping it up but its this one here

For the feet
Possibly the weirdest thing in this haul. a drop foot orthotic brace,its  basically a piece of metal that goes down the foot and you wrap a strap around the foot and calf so it pulls the foot into the correct position. Yes it's as painful as it sounds. It's supposed to be worn at night but the first time I tried that I woke up to a blue leg as it was cutting off the circulation to my foot. So I decided to wear it in the day. Sadly I'm not really getting on well with it, it's not doing anything except hurting. The brace that I really want is this one here but its so expensive and I can't justify buying yet another brace for it to be no good for me or for it to make my feet worse. I love it as it can be an ankle or extended up the leg so I can adapt the support I need. Having fucked up fee is expensive. If I knew it would work I'd buy it in heartbeat but I've bought so many from all over the world that have all been useless:( 
It's getting to that time of year when the weather is turning, the temperature is rapidly falling and whilst I personally love the winter weather my body does not. And by body I mean my feet. My feet initially died during the winter months so I always associate cold with pain but there's also the fact that sudden temperature changes is what affects my nerves as it was the small fibre nerves that were damaged. This means getting them too cold or too hot is excruciating so with this weather I have to try and keep them stable, however that's hard when I have no feeling in them and I only realise too late that they're too cold and I then have to frantically warm them up without overheating them which is hard as I can't feel the heat of a hot water bottle tell when they're too hot. Do you see my problem?! This is why baths are a nightmare as I only know if my bath is too hot when my leg gets in. Anyway my solution for keeping my feet a cosy stable temperature in bed?
GRUMPY BEAR FACE SLIPPERS yes that's actually what they were called, they're slip on so not tight around my feet but tight enough to keep them cosy. Plus THEY'RE GRUMPY

I also wanted to share with you a song that I've been listening to N O N S T O P since I first heard it a few months ago. Check out the video here, I guarantee it'll put a smile on your face! The album We Love Disney (finally) came out on the 30th of October and whilst I didn't buy the whole thing as A I'm broke and B there are a few tweenybopper singers I can't stand on there and couldn't possibly pollute my iTunes library if I bought the whole thing. I'd highly recommend, It's not easy being green by Brenna Whittaker, Everybody wants to be a cat by Charles Perry and of course Friend like me.

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Nail of the day
I've never been great at ombre, it just always looks kind of messy and not at all ombreish! But if you squint and put a filter on anything can look half decent and I love chrome/metallic polishes although they barely stay on a couple of hours

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