Thursday, 24 December 2015

The brightest star

I may have been young,
But I remember it well.
Someone older than me,
Had a story to tell

We were out driving,
When dad stopped the car.
Mum said ‘look at the sky,
Do you see all those stars?
Each twinkle up there
Shining so bright
Is someone who can’t be here,
With you tonight.
They were taken from us,
That much is true.
But it doesn’t mean
They're not thinking of you.

And when you feel alone
Seek the brightest star that you see
And know that they're here
With you and me’.

And so as I look up at the sky
I wonder which one is you
I cry out into the night
For its all I can do
Are you really up there?
Looking down on me from your star
For it feels like you’re here
Still in my heart

Written by Charlotte Tomkinson

For the people you wish were here with you


  1. your amazing charlotte keep fighting!xx

    1. Thank you for your support, what was your username on instagram? x