Wednesday, 3 February 2016

A dream is a wish your heart makes Part 1

If you had a genies lamp with 3 wishes what would you wish for? Would you be that dickhead that would wish for 3 more wishes? Would you begrudgingly wish for peace on earth whilst secretly lusting after a night in the sack with Brad Pitt/Johnny Depp/Justin Bieber....
 Would you wish that the person you loved would love you back? (Although every wish connoisseur knows a genie can't make someone fall in love)
Are the things you lust after big grand things (A house, a holiday, a puppy etc...), are they material things, such as something you've seen when out shopping, that you dream about but know you can never afford, you can't stop thinking about it, you have an eBay search set up for it in case someone decided to sell one off for 99p..... Nope never done that:)

This is something I've often thought about. OK not so much recently, but in the past when I have, it's something that's troubled me. For someone who is not overly keen on the idea of being alive, there is very little that I require (mainly due to apathy, as there is stuff I need/want but physical things mean very little to me) another reason why Christmas and birthdays are hard and I won't let people buy me presents.
But say the impossible happened and I was granted some wishes, I've always felt that they would be given away. Some people might wish for their mental illness to get better, that hasn't ever crossed my mind as to me, I'm fucked...
On a bad day you'll be hard pressed to convince me that I'm actually still a living human being but I guess that's what you'll get from years of isolation, bullying and no one wanting to be in your life. You literally start to feel dead.
 I wish for my nieces to be healthy and happy, I wish for my mum to be healthy and happy and have unlimited money, I wish anyone struggling with mental illness doesn't have to struggle....
Ghosts and dead people don't need wishes right?
But right now there ARE things I want because there are things that are making the bad things in my life feel worse and there are things that could make me feel a million times better. 

  • Long red ears, cute button nose, sometimes shits where it shouldn't. Would cause infinite happiness and a reason to breathe
  • Get out of this fucking house. semi permanently in a car and permanently. Far away.
  • Lose weight, face transplant, mind transplant
  • Dance again
  • Control of my brain rather than it controlling me
  • The wish that I always wish that contradicts previous wishes 

In case you can't work out where this is it's my right forearm, this was taken the day after
it was done so it hasn't healed yet

Basically this is a slightly long winded way of showing you my new tattoo. It has two meanings one of them of course niece themed. Genies are all powerful and they make things happen, you can rely on them and you'll never have a friend like them. But also Genie lamps house genies, who grant wishes and me having a slightly fucked up  superstitious brain liked the idea of having a piece of art that I could use to think about the things I wanted to wish for....It makes sense in my head OK?

Nail of the day 
Azure blue nails feat mood ring and new tattoo number tattoo 2

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