Wednesday, 23 March 2016

12 random facts which have absolutely nothing to do with my mental head

Telling you about myself would be all too easy to spout off a load of facts stories and anecdotes about my mentalnesses (It's a word if I say it is....) my illnesses and my pain. But I like making things difficult for myself and also hey wouldn't it be nice for you to know some really random inane crap about me that chances are will leave you thinking I'm even more bonkers because I'm generally just a bit weird

  1. My favourite childhood film was Drop Dead Fred. 
  2. One Easter me and my brother woke up extra early and 'borrowed' my little sisters easter egg to melt on the radiator to make rice crispy cakes because we didn't want to waste our own. One of us used a bowl whilst the other thought it'd be quicker to put the chocolate directly on the radiator #stillanimpatientlittleshittothisdayarenti I got the blame and no crispy cake #sadface #sorrynat
  3. As a child I was obsessed with the tv show 'the girl from tomorrow' and wanted an imaginary friend called Alana and was sad I didn't have one, not realising I could just imagine one, hence the name imaginary friend.
  4. I loved Carebears especially the villainous brat, Shrieky.
    I even tried colouring my hair with a felt tip to look like her. fast forward 20 years and the technology and ability to ACTUALLY dye my hair and lets just say it was not worth the wait. well, the purple was..... if it was semi-permanent as the bottle stated. we all know how that turned out....
  5. My first concert was the spice girls I didn't cry at all when it finished To be fair I cry at every gig or musical I go to as I love watching musicians (I am aware the spice girls dont qualify as musicians) or performers perform. The only thing more exciting for me than watching live shows is performing myself...
  6. You know I love pugs, my favourite dog obviously being my dead dog Ruby, but I have always been obsessed with dolphins and orca whales and more recently MICROPIGS.
  7. I am however terrified of cats, you don't know what they're thinking or about to do, they're looking at you with their eyes and suddenly bam claw in the thigh....
  8. We had 2 guinea pigs called Phil and Grant, got to admit they weren't the most sociable little fellas. We went to the pet shop to get a new hutch for the winter for them and came back and they'd been mauled to death by my music teachers greyhounds whose back garden backed onto ours. Every time I had a lesson in her class I would give her the finger behind her back
  9. I don't like greyhounds
  10. I find it very difficult to laugh out loud. I find very few things or people laugh out loud funny and have never been one fo those people who laughs at things for the sake of it. I find things funny in my head I see how its funny I just find very few things actually ROFLMAO funny. It makes me feel sometimes that there's something wrong with me when everyone else is in hysterics and I'm like... that's not funny:S But sometimes I think of stupid funny things in my head and if I were to try and relay them I couldn't because I'm laughing too much. this video never fails to make laugh....for obvious reasons *SHUT UP I'M NOT FAT*  
  11. I have an eclectic and random taste in music, I have my dancers ear that looks for songs that woul be great to do choreo to, whether that's hip hop, pop or musical/jazz songs, I have my musicians ear that loves music of complete opposite ends of the spectrum if it has certain aspect but if it's got a drum beat I like or something I can sing (I'm an annoying little shit in that I harmonise over everything), Then there's my inner 5 year olds ear, Disney all things Disney. I really hate people that are musical snobs and put you down for liking a certain type of music. I'm not afraid to say I fucking love Rihanna, Russian roulette? OMG.... I love Britney, I learnt all of her early choreo when I was ill in bed by watching MTV over and over. I wont let anyone make me feel ashamed of my music choices because music is special to me and if I like a song chances are it is too. I love Elvis, I know every single word and note in Jesus Christ superstar, Steve Balsamo isn't just Jesus to me with a voice like this he's God IMO... I like Damien Rice, Queen, Eminem, India Arie, John Mayer, I just love music <3
  12. Its not a fact about me but I wanted to put it in here anyway, my boyfriend is quite possibly the most amazing, kind, sweet, gentle and beautiful person I've ever met and I've no idea what I've done to deserve him but I'm bloody glad I did it. 

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