Friday, 10 March 2017

At Last....

as you may or may not know i write songs/sing... throughout my life when I've been more actively pursuing it, I've had people put me down for what I'm doing, the people who i made my album with HATED me, hated my music, resented me and spent two years putting me down to the point where i hated the finished product (to be fair it was shit) and had no self belief.
For the last year ive been working on music trying to take it back from the people who stole it from me, both with sam and on my own and i cant wait to share with you my new music. it may not have the big production behind it but it has heart

a few days ago i was warming up my voice for another song I'm working on when this happened. its a song that means a lot to me and is something i very much 'feel' now i have love in my life
i would love it if you'd check it out and share it around if you like it

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